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BookBub alerts you to limited-time free and discounted ebooks matching your interests. Discover free and discounted bestselling ebooks for Kindle, iPad, Nook & more. We do the work for you. Our expert editorial team sifts through thousands of ebooks, selecting only the highest quality to feature.
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2014 BookBub builds a book marketing platform

As book publishing continues to transform, new companies are rising to fill the needs of the industry. BookBub is one of those and will be interesting to watch. The idea behind BookBub is exceedingly simple. It's a service that highlights limited time deep discounts on acclaimed ebooks. Readers sign up, and then receive an alert when there’s a discount on an ebook which matches their interests. However it’s not only readers who benefit from the cheap reads. Publishers have found that it’s a great way to get their books and authors discovered. If we feature a book, not only does it sell thousands of copies, but the author’s other titles pick up sales also. The program costs are based on the size of the email list and the price of the eBook. The costs range from $50 – $1250 per promotion and can fit most budgets.

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