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2013 Bookish - book discovery based on Big Data and real experts

If you are looking for the next interesting book to read - you can use one of these social sites that provide recommendation engines. As usual, you need to enter some books you like, and the site will search for the users that also like these books and recommend you some books that these people also like. But this tactic is not ideal, because different people have different set of interests. That is why publishers, book stores and startups are looking for other ideas. The new book discovery site Bookish uses the combination of two totally different approaches - Big Data and recommendations from the own staff of experts. How good is it? Go and try: enter one book you like and get these recommendations. Bookish also has built-in ecommerce links that let users buy books from a range of websites, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and Apple's iTunes store, among others.

Bookish certainly isn't the first website to take a stab at improving book discovery, but it is particularly notable given the long list of companies who have partnered with it. Three of the "big six" publishers — Hachette, Penguin and Simon & Schuster — are directly funding the website, and more than a dozen other publishers, including Random House and Harper Collins, have agreed to provide Bookish with exclusive content.

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