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Looking for a great book to read this weekend? BookVibe analyzes the books your friends are talking about on Twitter and Facebook to help you discover new books.
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2013 Bookvibe - book recommendation site analizing Twitter and Facebook

Bookvibe is a new service is trying to give readers a reason to abandon usual book-discovery paths (like Amazon and Goodreads) and provide a new one. It analyzes tweets and public Facebook posts and extracts book recommendations. Users can enter their own Twitter handles to get customized lists of recommendations from those they follow on the micro-blogging service. Developers say that one of the main advantages of Bookvibe is that users don’t have to buy or sign up for anything to use it and can get value out of it right away. For publishers and authors, Bookvibe also has a compelling offering. It gathers data from the social Web about what books people are talking about and what they’re saying. Publishers and authors can pay to access a dashboard with that information. The company is targeting both publishing company and independent authors because it looks at the latter as a small publisher rather than just an author.

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