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Organize your book collection in no time at all. Download full book details and cover art. Just enter ISBNs or scan barcodes. Browse your book database in cover flow. Sort lists any way you want. Find books quickly and easily.Organize your book database and wish list. Never buy dupes again. Book Collector alternatives are:
Alfa Ebooks Manager, Calibre Book Collector reviews
NKOWL | 12.03.12 | #
Using the book's bar code makes for speedy entry, good sorting options, copying to iPod or similar devices, this program seems to have it all.
stanislavf | 12.08.12 | #
This will look up books based on ISBN and you can import a list of ISBNs, all very useful for me. It also has a scanner interface that I have not tested, as I am using a webcam to scan ISBNs to a file.
suethequilter | 23.09.12 | #
No Amazon lookups - you must input info if not found in their exclusive database. This info then updates their db. You work for them for free.
Nonexistant customer support. In their forums, they have ridicule support emails they've received.
stanislavf | 21.10.12 | #
This is not bad, but I would agree with some of the negative reports. No webcam support, I use a third party software to build a list of ISBNs. Then, it is painfully slow looking up. My iPad app Book Crawler is much better and much cheaper (I only wish it had a PC equivelant).
This is bad | 06.12.13 | #
No printing of lists; no export to html. Every update is a paid one. There must be better ones for the mac.
Larry | 12.10.16 | #
Cripple ware meaning only part functions till you buy a lic. no time for such trash.
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