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Entitle is an affordable eBook subscription service that not only lets you read more for less, but also lends you a helping hand when you want to find your next favorite book. Created with you in mind, our library includes titles from leading publishers, which you can enjoy on any number of devices from mobile phones to tablets. Adding books to your reading list is a snap – it’s quick and easy to search our library and download the books you want. And if you’re not sure what to read next, simply explore our powerful new Recommendation Station. Entitle’s custom algorithm is more than a calculation, it’s a total understanding of your reading preferences which enables our system to suggest books you’re sure to love.
Entitle alternatives are:
Scribd, Oyster
Here are the latest news about Entitle:

2014 Ebook subscription service Entitle improves book discovery

Entitle announces an upgrade to its recommendation engine in an effort to improve discovery through its subscription-based ebook platform. The new engine reads, analyzes and understands the actual contextual elements of each title. After reading each title in its entirety, not just the metadata or synopsis, the system then compares it against the rest of Entitle library to surface other titles with similar themes, topics, subject, characters etc., to help you find that next hidden gem in our library. Entitle catalog now includes thousands and thousands of topics to mine, compare and analyze. In addition, it captures user ratings and combining the content analysis and collaborative filtering recommender systems to not only look at the content of individual titles but to also look at what others with similar tastes are interested in.

2013 eReatah rebrands as Entitle with lower ebook subscription pricing

Ebook subscription services eReatah that launched this fall is (publicly) relaunching under the new name Entitle and with lower prices. Unlike its competitors Oyster and Scribd, which offer unlimited reading a of a selection of titles for a fixed price every month, Entitle acts more like a book-of-the month discount club. Readers can choose from several levels of payment and then fully own a limited number of new ebooks a month: two books a month for $14.99; three books a month for $21.99; and four books a month for $27.99. These prices have been lowered from the company’s initial pricing of two ebooks per month for $16.99, three for $25.50, or four for $33.50. Currently, the average cost of a best-selling ebook is about $5.00, which may make these prices slightly less attractive to consumers then just buying ebooks a la carte from Kindle and other popular services.

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