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iBookshelf is your personal portable library reference. A comprehensive book database, created and continuously maintained through extensive feedback from readers like you. Follow iBookshelf on Twitter to keep updated with new features and random thoughts from the developer.
IBookshelf alternatives are:
Book Crawler, My Library, Apple iBooks
IBookshelf reviews
Smokepotter | 24.09.12 | #
Sometimes it won't save scan and often it crashes on my IPod touch. I have to scan the barcode 3 times to get it to take! Annoying!
Allcpa | 14.04.13 | #
I like this because I can add a book without the barcode. Can add several books at once from same author (saving time on initial collection set up). I wish there was a "date(s)read" field.
Niki | 24.10.13 | #
Sometimes the genre isn't right and I update it but other than that I love this app. I wish it showed total number of entries though
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