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Kindle Voyage
Next-Gen Paperwhite Display, Highest-Resolution, Highest Contrast, New Adaptive Front Light, Reimagined Page Turns, Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi + Free 3G . High-resolution 300 ppi display- reads even more like the printed page. Reimagined page turns—PagePress enables you to turn the page without lifting a finger
Kindle Voyage alternatives are:
Kindle Paperwhite, Nook GlowLight, Kobo Aura
Here are the latest news about Kindle Voyage:

2014 Amazon unveils $199 Kindle Voyage and new simple Kindle ereader with touchscreen

Amazon today introduced the 7th generation of Kindle: Kindle Voyage, the premium, most advanced e-reader ever, and the new simple Kindle ereader, with a 20% faster processor, twice the storage, and now with a touch interface. Kindle Voyage costs $199. Should you buy it? Depends on how much you care about page turns. On either side of the reader face are two thin lines. A gentle press anywhere along those lines advances and turns back a page. Amazon even built in a very subtle bit of haptic feedback to let you know the thing is working. You can also advance pages via a swipe on the touch screen. To be fair, it also has a flat glass, high-resolution screen and a brighter, self-adjusting light.

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