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Ever wish your textbook could create flashcards automatically for you? Wish you could get the "A" students' notes directly in your textbook? Wish you could search for answers in your book instantly? Or watch videos and bring external content directly into your book? Wish no more. With over 70 features, Kno goes to work for you.
Kno alternatives are:
Inkling, Kindle
Here are the latest news about Kno:

2013 Kno Me helps students monitor their progress as they read

Kno, the smart educational book reading app (and seller) announced a new product today at CES - Kno Me. It's a personal study dashboard that helps students monitor their progress as they read. The dashboard allows students to check-in to view realtime stats on their study behavior, time management, interaction levels and progress. It allows students to see the average time they spend interacting with textbooks, the percentage of pages annotated, glossary terms mastered, and so on. Users can then share these results with peers or follow the engagement levels of their peers. Kno Me is now available on all Kno interactive textbooks for iPad, Windows 8 and web browsers and will soon be available for Android and Windows 7.

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