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Kobo Mini
Kobo Mini is the world’s smallest and lightest full-featured eReader, so it’s great for reading on the go. Complete with a no-glare natural E Ink touchscreen and built-in Wi Fi, it’s the full Kobo experience at a great value. Access to 1 million free eBooks doesn’t hurt either
Kobo Mini alternatives are:
Kindle Ereader, Nook Simple Touch, Kobo Glo
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2015 Kobo Mini e-Reader available for a limited time

Kobo is bringing back its 5-inch Kobo Mini e-reader for $49, but it will be only available untill November 7. The original model that came out in 2012 employed an antiquated e-ink Vizplex, but this new iteration of the Mini uses e-Ink Pearl. The Mini has a resolution of 800×600 pixels and gives you the traditional 16 levels of grayscale. This is very small device that fits in any of your pockets and was designed to be extremely lightweight and portable. The screen may seem small to someone who has used a 6 or 9.7 extensively tablet or e-reader, but would be very ideal for someone who needs something extremely portable, a gift or a backup device. The e-reader has wireless internet access built into it. This will allow you to download e-books directly from the Kobo bookstore.

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