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Kobo Touch
Just like reading a book with Real Touch. Contemporary, lightweight, and travel friendly design. Browse and buy on the go with Wi Fi. Earn awards just for reading – with Reading Life
Kobo Touch alternatives are:
Kindle Touch, Nook Simple Touch, Kobo Glo, Kobo Mini
Here are the latest news about Kobo Touch:

05.10.17 Kobo makes managing ebooks simpler

Kobo updated firmware for its e-readers. The update added Manage Books feature: under My Books, you can now select several books at once, mark them as finished or unread, remove them, or add them to collections. My Books section got a cleaner layout of information, including the Filter and Sort menus. The reading experience was also improved. Now you can tap the middle of your page to open reading menus, access the Table of Contents, or adjust Reading Settings. Your screen will refresh after every chapter instead of every six pages.

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