KooBits alternatives

A collective shelf for your ebooks – read, organize, and manage all your ebooks in one place. KooBits can open popular ebook formats such as PDF, EPUB, XML, HTML, KBJ, and more. Personalize your ebook with the Highlight and Stamp to mark important sections or use the Extraction tool to copy content and piecing them however you like in the scrapbook.
KooBits alternatives are:
Alfa Ebooks Manager, Calibre, MartView, AlfaReader
KooBits reviews
EZBlack | 08.08.12 | #
This is what happens when poor programmers have good ideas. I can see the promise in this product, but it's too poorly executed at this time to recommend.

I was looking for a pure reader to replace Calibre and/or the Firefox epub plugin for reading epub files. Koobits doesn't deliver at all. Back to converting epubs to mobi in Calibre and using Kindle for PC to read them for me.
Joedime | 22.09.12 | #
Slow; doesn't read EPUB cover art (PDF:OK); zoom in/out doesn't work with EPUB (didn't try with PDF); 'drag and drop' interface is a drag, doesn't allow wholesale importing of folders (or libraries!).
dukes | 03.02.14 | #
this program is just not it it doesnt even get close to my needs its for elementary xul kids
Ruben | 12.04.14 | #
Works perfectly!
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