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My Library
My Library is a simple application that helps you to manage your books.google.com library. My Library main features: connects to your google library account, utilizes the phone's camera to scan a barcode, adds/removes books from your google books shelves, enables you to download pdf of books in public domain, creates a shelf that shows personalized recommendations to you, support for tablet devices

My Library alternatives are: Gooreader, LibraryThing, IBookshelf, Aldiko, Nook, Google Play Books

My Library reviews
Mahmood | 11.04.13 | #
Great app! A really good app. It helps me keep track of my books by allowing me to scan them and enter their information into my gmail account.
Sharon | 21.04.13 | #
I really like this app. I love how fast the scanner works and how easy it is to add books. I would give 5 stars if I could search by author and books could be put into alphabetical order. And also to notify me if I have a duplicate book. But other than that its great. I love how its right on google.
Gareth | 24.10.13 | #
Just the app i was looking for! Search and scan function is great. Looks professional as something associated with google. Would like to see an edit function for tweeking the books to my liking. e.g. a book i love has only been given 3 stars and i would like it to say 5 stars. Other than that it is a much liked app of mine.
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