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NOOK Simple Touch
Easiest to use with the world’s best reading screen & longest battery life. Breakthrough E Ink display for the best just-like-paper reading. Make the text bigger or choose the font you like. 25% faster than any other Reader. Quick page turns, fast browsing, get to your latest read with just a tap.
NOOK Simple Touch alternatives are:
Kindle Touch, Nook Color
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2013 Barnes & Noble slashes Nook and book prices for Black Friday

Barnes & Noble is slashing the price of several Nook devices for Black Friday weekend. It's offering Nook Simple Touch at its lowest price ever of just $39 (down from $79). Barnes & Noble is also offering at least 50 percent off hundreds of best-selling Nook books. Also on Black Friday, Barnes & Noble will discount a number of "hot" Nook books to $2.99, including Plum Lucky by Janet Evanovich, The Cider House Rules by John Irving, and Crewel by Gennifer Albin. If you're in need of accessories for your Nook, Barnes & Noble also has you covered. The company offers a $10 Industriell cover for Simple Touch and Simple Touch GlowLight devices, and 25 percent off other Nook HD accessories through Dec. 1.

2013 Barnes & Noble giving away free E-Reader with tablet purchase

Barnes & Noble is in trouble. In its last fiscal quarter, B&N reported that Nook sales, which include sales of digital content and accessories as well as devices, fell 26% from the same period a year ago. So the company uses every opportunity to attract new customers. It's now offering a free Nook Simple Touch e-reader with the purchase of its Nook HD+ color tablet, a sign that sales of one or both devices aren't so hot right now. The Nook Simple Touch is the company's entry-level, black-and-white eInk e-reader, which retails for $79 following a $20 price cut in December.

2012 Nook Simple Touch plays pricing catch up with Kindle

Barnes & Noble has reduced Nook Simple Touch price from $99 to $79. This entry-level model competes with $69 Kindle 5. Both devices have 6-inch black-and-white screens, Wi-Fi connectivity and 2 GB of storage. The Nook is slightly wider, thicker and heavier than the Kindle, but the Nook wins out with two months of battery life, doubling Amazon's e-reader at one month. Also Nook Simple Touch has microSD card slot and comes with a charger (unlike Kindle 5). Besides, the Kindle displays ads on its screensaver (without ads and with charger it costs $99). But probably the device price becomes less important in the competition. The main factor is books availability and pricing.

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