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Nextread creates a new and unique book discovery service for readers by helping users pick books based on both their social network *and* price. Ebook price wars are heating up and it has also been widely reported that deep discounts on books have had a huge impact on book buying. We are proving that price combined with social discovery will have a huge impact on book selection.
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2013 NextRead - discover the books your friends like and buy them at half price

Ebook price wars are heating up and the new startup NextRead aims to combine social discovery with discount notifications. Users are given customized book recommendations from their Facebook friends and then made aware of when books they want to read go on sale at Amazon. Nextread crawls Amazon’s pricing data so that once a user indicates that he or she might want to read a book, Nextread automatically e-mails the user when that book is available at a deep discount. Unlike other discount book e-mail services, Nextread only e-mails you with discounts on books that are truly relevant to you.

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