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An unlimited, ever-growing library of free books and stories all in the palm of your hand! On Wattpad, millions of people are discovering great fiction, sharing stories with friends and following their favorite authors chapter-by-chapter.
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Figment, Kindle, Mibba
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2014 Wattpad will be free forever and make money from native ads

Wattpad, the social reading app which lets authors share their stories with a community of readers, is seeing impressive user engagement — the company says that 27 million of its 30 million users are active each month. But Wattpad hasn’t done much to monetize that activity, aside from experiments with crowdfunded self-publishing. Now it’s changing. The company has launched its first native ad campaign and is lining up more. Similar to ads on Twitter and other social networks, Wattpad mixed promotions for the account and for the individual titles in with its regular recommendations. The company is still in “very early days in ads experiments,” but CEO Allen Lau already said that the company won’t ever charge for Wattpad itself: “It will remain a free app forever.”

2014 Wattpad raises $46 million to build a global literary community

Wattpad, an online community for writers and readers to share and discover good stories, announced that it has raised $46 million funding to help Wattpad accelerate product and user growth. "We have a very ambitious goal that eventually this company can have a billion users," told Allen Lau, cofounder and CEO of Wattpad. "That's exactly why we are raising this round of money: to go even faster to our vision." Wattpad currently has about 25 million registered users, according to Lau, up from about 15 million this time last year. That's impressive for a reading-focused service but still far from that billion-user target. "It's a very lofty goal," Lau admits, noting that it probably won't happen "this year, or the year after or even in three or four years."

2013 Wattpad, the social network for aspiring writers, launches a crowdfunding feature

Wattpad is a social network for aspiring writers that is often described as "YouTube of writing", because of the way it allows amateur creators to share their work with the world and build a fan base around their writing. Now Wattpad has launched a crowdfunding feature similar to Kickstarter called “Fan Funding” that makes it easy for members to tap their fan base as a way of monetizing their work — and could also help the network monetize its own user base as well, since it charges a fee for the process. Fan Funding allows you to support your favorite writers in new ways by helping them achieve their dreams and getting rewards in return. In order to support a project, you choose the reward level that interests you most, with the amount of money you’d like to pledge. In order to support a project, you will need a valid credit card.

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