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International ebook store with local stores in 18 countries. Provides reading apps for iOS, Android, PC (up to Windows 7), Mac and Windows 8. The apps are synced in the cloud, allowing users to keep their reading position, bookmarks, notes, etc. when they switch from one device to another. It also provides own ereader device - Txtr Beagle.
txtr alternatives are:
Kindle, Nook, Kobo
Here are the latest news about txtr:

2014 Txtr launches Web-reader

Users of the txtr e-reading platform now can read DRM-free or watermarked ebooks in EPUB 2 or EPUB 3 format directly in their Web browsers. Web reading is supported for ebooks purchased in the txtr stores as well as for documents uploaded by users in their unlimited free txtr cloud library. txtr’s Web reader renders standard EPUB 2, EPUB 3 and EPUB Fixed-Layout documents. Turning pages happens with a click (or a swipe gesture for devices supporting this). Users can adjust the font size, the margins and choose between a one- or two-page-layout. An integrated controller for audio and video enables users to play, pause and control the audio volume of the multimedia content included in their ebooks. Users can quickly access the table of content and go to specific chapters within the ebook. A slider shows the reading position and provides an easy way to navigate back and forth inside the ebook.

2014 Txtr adds EPUB3 support to its iOS reader app

txtr, the leading European ebook retailer and e-reading solutions provider, launched an EPUB 3 and EPUB Fixed-Layout compatible reading app for iOS 7 based on the Readium SDK. Over the past nine months, txtr has been a key contributing member to the Readium Foundation, an independent open source consortium developing software to advance adoption of EPUB and the Open Web Platform for publishing. txtr has now integrated the Readium EPUB rendering engine into its native iOS reading app and is the first platform to enable third parties to offer, under their own brand, EPUB 3 and EPUB Fixed-Layout ebooks to their customers. txtr is currently also integrating the Readium SDK in its Android and Windows 8 apps.

2013 Txtr wants to create distributor federation against Kindle and Nook

Remember Txtr, the German ebook provider with $13 e-readers? It has found the new partners that also don't like Kindle and Nook and may help Txtr to compete with them - the print book distributors. Txtr has partnered with Readerlink Distribution Services that will distribute it's ebooks via retail chains and outlets like Target, Walmart, Costco and Stop & Shop (i.e. sell Txtr ebooks through their websites). Txtr’s chief commercial officer Thomas Leliveld said: "The U.S. market is dominated by two players, which makes it hard for others to compete, despite consumer demand. ReaderLink and txtr offer the non-trade and independent booksellers the opportunity to form a ‘virtual federation,’ and, as such, create a strong and viable third alternative for consumers."

txtr reviews
Cristopher | 30.10.12 | #
This is a normal eBook reader. Does what it is supposed to do. In the same way as the Kindle, if you log on to their website you are able to upload your own documents, eBooks which are then automatically synced with the device. This App and the impending £10 eBook reader should prove to be a great deal.
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