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Latest news about Google Play Books and Nook:

24.01.18. Google brings audiobooks to its Play store. Google Play store now features audiobooks. The new audiobooks feature is launching in 45 countries and nine languages. Like on similar platforms, you can hear a preview of the audiobook on the Play Store and audiobooks are automatically part of your family library, so you can easily share your audiobook copy of “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” with everybody in your household. One nifty feature here is the integration with the Google Assistant on your phone and on Google Home. Using this integration, you can simply ask the assistant to read you your book and it’ll do that. You can also ask some basic questions about the book (“Who is the author?”). Google’s pricing looks to be competitive with similar offerings from Amazon.

23.07.17. Google Play Books improves reading experience. Google Play Books app for Android has undergone a major revision and it now simplifies the reading experience. The Library page went through some significant changes, four of the five tabs have been removed and there are just two: Shelves and Books. The new Shelves system provides bright and bubbly covert art that shows you books that you have not begun to read yet and underneath that are books you are in the process of reading. The third row is devoted to books you’ve finished. Everything provided by the removed tabs can now be found in the Books tab. All of the previous tabs were basically filters on the books on your account. The new Books tab contains a full list of your books, but you can hit the filter button at the top right of the page to now the list to your uploads, purchases, or those in the family library.

04.04.17. Nook for Android gets Search by Voice. Barnes and Noble updated their Nook for Android e-reading and added a host of new features. The new version brings a number of notable enhancements such as search by voice, which searches your e-reader and the store for e-books. Just tap the microphone in the search bar, and tell NOOK what you’re looking to read. Besides, now you can create custom Quote Cards from your favorite highlights, choose a background and share via social media, email, or text message.

24.10.16. Google Play now allows to gift e-books. Google Play Books has issued a small update to their Android app that allows users to gift e-books. You simply need to navigate to one of the books on your homepage or within the Play Books Store and click on the three dots. There is an option to gift the e-book to someone with an existing account and they will get instantly notified that you have sent it and gives them detailed instructions on how to read the book within the app.

23.03.16. Barnes and Noble launched a new website. Barnes and Noble totally revised their online website and it looks great. The new site puts reading first, instead of pillows, scented candles and toys. The entire main page is full of great books, whether its the B&N Top 100 Books or book reviews done on their blog.  There is also a bunch of image carousels that showcase new and notable Nook books and also books that are recommended to you based on past purchases. During a recent shareholders conference the new Barnes and Noble CEO Ron Boire said that his company is going to heavily focus on the modern web and make their website responsive on mobile phones and tablets.

04.03.16. Barnes and Noble is closing the Nook App and Video Store. Barnes and Noble is trying to stem the bleeding of the ailing Nook division by implementing cost cutting measures. This March they intend on closing the Nook App Store, Nook Video Store and the UK Nook e-book store. The closure of the app and video store will effect every single tablet Barnes and Noble has ever made. This includes the Nook Color, Nook Tablet, Nook HD, Nook HD+ and all of the Samsung for Nook branded devices. Barnes and Noble is encouraging everyone to gravitate to Google Play or a 3rd party app store. Barnes and Noble says that the closure of the app store is going to allow them to to concentrate their focus and efforts on their core digital content business, which are Books and Newsstand.

17.12.15. Google Play Books makes it easier to read at night. If you’re a night reader on your mobile device, then you know that it’s hard to get tired with the bright screen burning your eyeballs. This of course isn’t a problem with physical books, as you can add a soft light to the room to wind down. Google Play Books wants to emulate that softer experience with a feature it calls “Night Light.” As the evening goes on, it gradually filters out the blue light from your screen, replacing it with a warm, amber light as the sun sets, to make flipping through pages more comfortable. Night Light automatically adapts to the amount of natural sunlight outside based on the time of day, giving you just the right temperature and brightness. The color adjustment is more comfortable on your eyes and greatly improves low-light night reading.

13.11.15. Google improved Comic Book reading in Play Books for Android. Google launched an upgrade to its Google Play Books app for Android that will make it easier to read comics on your phone and tablet. Reading comics (or graphic novels, if that’s more your thing) on small screens has never been ideal. The new reading experience on Android (with iOS support coming soon) will pop up when you are in landscape mode. In this mode, you can now easily scroll through a story with just vertical swipe. Google also introduced personalized comic recommendations to make it easier to find similar series, as well as a set of curated series pages for comics in the Play Store.

12.11.15. Barnes & Noble released Nook Audiobooks app. Barnes and Noble is getting serious about audiobooks. The company announced the release of the Nook Audiobooks App for iPhone and iPad, as well as a new website,  The website has been designed to complement the apps, allowing customers access to a selection of more than 60,000 audiobooks online with the ability to listen anywhere.The app allows customers to purchase the audiobook through the app without a subscription. The app also allows for free samples of any audiobook.

05.09.15. Barnes & Noble and Samsung unveiled new tablet Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK is a new 8-inch tablet blending Samsung’s elegant design and multi-tasking power with NOOK’s unparalleled reading and entertainment experience. It's the thinnest, lightest, ultra-fast device from the two companies and costs $399.99.  An ultra-fast octa-core processor enables consumers to quickly jump between books, movies, apps and the web without lag. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK offers customers an impressive collection of digital content to explore from Barnes & Noble. The expansive NOOK Store’s reading and entertainment content offering includes over 4 million books including bestsellers, new releases, classics and enhanced titles with special content.

13.07.15. Barnes & Noble closes international Nook Store. The Digital Reader found an interesting email sent to international Nook users about the Nook app for Windows. International Nook users outside the US or the UK that their content will be removed from Windows machines and their money refunded. They will also no longer be able to open Nook books on their Windows devices. This is directly related to B&N’s buyout of Microsoft’s investment in the Nook store last December. It is unclear where the Nook is headed but it’s clear that it is currently rolling back partnerships in order to streamline what is now a shrinking business.

05.12.14. Barnes & Noble and Microsoft end their Nook partnership. Barnes & Noble today announced the termination of its agreement with Microsoft surrounding the Nook business. This comes alongside word that Nook device sales felt down 60% this year. The two companies entered into the partnership two years ago with Microsoft initially investing at least $300 million to create Nook Media. This partnership was created after B&N refused to pay Microsoft patent royalties for its Android-based readers. But nothing substantial ever materialized from the deal. Over the summer B&N teamed up with Samsung to produce a Nook-branded tablet. But apparently even Samsung couldn’t help the dying e-reader pioneer.

20.11.14. Nook launches Audiobook app for Android. Nook launches an audiobook app for Android users, sweetening the deal by bundling two free audiobook titles with first-time downloads of the new app for a limited time. Through an easy-to-use, simple shopping experience and high-quality listening experience, the new NOOK Audiobooks App offers the best audiobooks for adults and kids at great low prices, with free samples available on a wide selection of titles. Recall, earlier this month, Scribd added audiobooks to its subscription ebook platform in a move meant to give Amazon’s Audible a run for its money. Scribd also said it’s hoping to entice ebook readers to listen to more audiobooks, seeing the two markets as potentially complementary.

31.10.14. Google Play Books’ new reading mode lets you browse huge ebooks faster. Google has just updated its Google Play Books eReader application with a focus on efficient reading. The new Skim mode allows you to zoom between pages in an endless stream rather than forcing you to flip through page by page. Quick Bookmarks lets you set multiple saved spots in the book and quickly jump back and forth between them — perfect for when you’re required to refer to some reference table 200 pages away from what you’re trying to read. You can now view all of your notes and highlights on one page and quickly jump to the correlating passages. The study benefits there are pretty obvious.

22.08.14. The new Nook is almost all Samsung Galaxy Tab. Barnes & Noble has announced the "the first ever full-featured Android tablet designed for reading" - Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook, a 7-inch tablet made primarily by Samsung. It includes something called the “Barnes & Noble Advantage,” a deeply linked app that allows for book downloads as well as tech support. To be clear, this is a Samsung device being sold in B&N stores with a bit of branding. In terms of partnerships it’s not a bad idea but it does suggest that dedicated Nook hardware is no longer a priority. Galaxy Tab 4 Nook is on sale today in stores and online for $179 after $20 rebate. This is the same price available online at Amazon and other retailers.

26.06.14. Barnes & Noble will dump its Nook business. Barnes & Noble has announced that it will separate its retail and NOOK businesses into two separate public companies. This separation is expected to be complete by the first quarter of the next calendar year. This news comes alongside B&N fourth quarter 2014 financial results where the Nook side of the company continued to drag down the rest of the company. After the split, the Nook business will no longer have the comfy life raft of Barnes & Noble. It will be sink or swim, and if the brand’s history is any indication, the Nook will not be treading water for very long. So, who knows, maybe Microsoft will acquire it quickly.

06.06.14. Samsung to make next Nook Tablet based on Galaxy Tab. As Barnes & Noble struggles to remain relevant in the ebook market, it’s turning to Samsung in hopes of boosting digital content sales. The company announced a partnership with Samsung that will bring co-branded Galaxy Tab 4 Nook tablets by early August. The co-branded devices will combine popular Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 hardware with customized NOOK software to give customers powerful, full-featured tablets that are designed for reading, with easy access to Barnes & Noble’s expansive digital collection of more than three million books, leading magazines and newspapers.

2013. Barnes & Noble slashes Nook and book prices for Black Friday. Barnes & Noble is slashing the price of several Nook devices for Black Friday weekend. It's offering Nook Simple Touch at its lowest price ever of just $39 (down from $79). Barnes & Noble is also offering at least 50 percent off hundreds of best-selling Nook books. Also on Black Friday, Barnes & Noble will discount a number of "hot" Nook books to $2.99, including Plum Lucky by Janet Evanovich, The Cider House Rules by John Irving, and Crewel by Gennifer Albin. If you're in need of accessories for your Nook, Barnes & Noble also has you covered. The company offers a $10 Industriell cover for Simple Touch and Simple Touch GlowLight devices, and 25 percent off other Nook HD accessories through Dec. 1.

2013. Nook released new reading app for Windows 8. Barnes & Noble updated its NOOK App for Windows 8 that is now fully optimized to integrate the new features of the latest version Windows 8.1. The updated app includes a streamlined user interface, faster performance and some new features, including enhanced support for snap view and portrait ereader orientation, the ability to import files from SkyDrive, enhanced search, improved library organization and even better in-app support for customers. Now you can import ePub and PDF files from “My PC” & SkyDrive, with imported files appearing in the NOOK library and current reading page saved for imported items. Improved library organization featurs grouping by content type and integrated library search access.

2013. Google Play to sell and rent digital textbooks. In August Google will start selling and renting digital textbooks through the Google Play Books store. Google said it’s working with the five largest textbook publishers and that students would be able to purchase digital textbooks or rent them for up to six months. It also said that prices would be “up to 80 percent” off print list prices, which is the same claim that Amazon makes on Kindle textbook rentals. Google is already selling a few digital textbooks through the Play store, but they’re not from the big publishers and they are not available for rental. Getting into the textbook market helps Google compete against Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Apple, all of whom have already entered the digital textbook space.