Kindle Ereader vs Kindle Keyboard

Kindle Ereader
Kindle uses an electronic ink screen that looks and reads like real paper. The matte screen reflects light like ordinary paper and uses no backlighting, so you can read as easily in bright sunlight as in your living room. Unlike tablet screens, Kindle has no glare.
Kindle Keyboard
Free 3G Wireless. No annual contracts, no monthly fees. Download books anytime, anywhere. Kindle's high-contrast e-ink display delivers clear, crisp text and images that you can read for extended periods without eye strain.

Latest news about Kindle Ereader and Kindle Keyboard:

15.02.16. Kindle Keyboard the Kindle DX need a new update or they will stop working. Amazon is forcing owners of old e-readers Kindle 1, Kindle 2, Kindle Keyboard and Kindle DX to update the firmware and if they fail to do so, Amazon will cut off all internet access until you manually update the e-reader yourself. Why is Amazon doing this? There are a few conflicting rumors. 1 - this update basically changes the way the e-reader communicates with the Amazon server. 2 - Amazon is going to imposing data limits on older e-readers. 3 - Amazon is in the process of changing the HTTPS certificates on theirs servers in the near future, and they need to update the certificate authority file  that the Kindle software uses to make sure it can trust Amazon’s servers. If you don’t update your device, it won’t be able to communicate with Amazon servers (after Amazon changes their server certificates) since it won’t be able to established a secure connection.

15.11.14. Kindle Update for e-readers lets enables sharing books with your family. Amazon brings new update to Kindle e-readers, so that the new e-reading features of the Kindle Voyage were available for older Kindles. The new features include Family Library (which gives people with Amazon accounts linked to family members the ability to read books a family member has previously downloaded), Word Wise (a feature that makes definitions for difficult words automatically pop up above them), Enhanced search (which now pulls results not only from your library, but also Goodreads and the Kindle Store) and  About This Book (which provides information like author bios and other titles in the series as you start to read). The update will be supported by Paperwhite 2nd generation, Kindle Voyage and the most recent low-end Kindles.

18.09.14. Amazon unveils $199 Kindle Voyage and new simple Kindle ereader with touchscreen. Amazon today introduced the 7th generation of Kindle: Kindle Voyage, the premium, most advanced e-reader ever, and the new simple Kindle ereader, with a 20% faster processor, twice the storage, and now with a touch interface. Kindle Voyage costs $199. Should you buy it? Depends on how much you care about page turns. On either side of the reader face are two thin lines. A gentle press anywhere along those lines advances and turns back a page. Amazon even built in a very subtle bit of haptic feedback to let you know the thing is working. You can also advance pages via a swipe on the touch screen. To be fair, it also has a flat glass, high-resolution screen and a brighter, self-adjusting light.

2012. Amazon unveils Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle 5. The e-reader arms race never stops these days. Today Amazon has unveiled two new e-ink e-readers - cheap Kindle 5 and "frontlit" Kindle Paperwhite. Of course, the second model is going to compete with the Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight and Kobo Glo. All these e-readers allow to read books in the dark, but it seems, Paperwhite surpasses the competitors. The screen looks almost perfectly white while the Nook still has a tinge of grey. And Amazon has also improved the battery life, claiming eight weeks of use even with the light on (compared to the Nook’s month). Kindle Paperwhite has a touch screen - actually it replaces Kindle Touch in Amazon's e-reader family.