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All My Books
Amaze your friends and show them your collection of books! Collecting books is trendy! All My Books will load all book information from online sources in a matter of seconds. All you have to type to get complete information about a book is to fill one of the fields - book title, author name or ISBN.
All My Books alternatives are:
Alfa Ebooks Manager, Calibre
All My Books reviews
ferretfingers | 29.08.11 | #
Unable to get all book covers.Clunky database,search returned just one record.Virtual bookshelf is cutesy but I suspect memory hogging.
dvfdvf | 21.05.12 | #
Intuitive with handy features for collecting, sorting, and publishing data. Simple scanner interface and bookshelf features are nice. Amazon data base reference is great.
delaneypa0 | 29.10.12 | #
Lacks basic features, such as simply printed out a list of books and sorting book by author
kkondakov | 31.07.13 | #
the latest version is great. The problem with getting book covers has been fixed several months ago. Sorting books by author is possible, as well as printing the list using one of the templates
jcalm | 02.08.13 | #
Guys, it seems you have some old version screenshot here. The program looks better on my computer and really rocks! Downloading every book details from Amazon - what a great feature! My opinion - the program is a must for every book/ebook/audio book lover who has a Windows based computer. It is even better than Calibre (but can't convert ebooks yet)
ferry | 28.10.13 | #
I purchased it and not satisfied with internal search and web update. Besides it works quite slowly with my db
JM | 13.05.15 | #
Recently purchased ALL MY BOOKS (AMB) May 2015 and evaluated a number of others before deciding. For my needs - USA based and mostly Kindle books cataloging so as not to buy the same book twice - AMB is great. I migrated from BookCat which lost its support and many of the features I require are in AMB. Namely, AMB can search on ASIN numbers since Kindle Books use them instead of ISDNs! Many book catalogs cannot. Another: Easily customizable columns of info in Book List mode. Backup to DropBox also. Many more.
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