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Kindle Keyboard
Free 3G Wireless. No annual contracts, no monthly fees. Download books anytime, anywhere. Kindle's high-contrast e-ink display delivers clear, crisp text and images that you can read for extended periods without eye strain.
Kindle Keyboard alternatives are:
Kindle Ereader, Kindle Touch, Kindle Paperwhite
Here are the latest news about Kindle Keyboard:

2016 Kindle Keyboard the Kindle DX need a new update or they will stop working

Amazon is forcing owners of old e-readers Kindle 1, Kindle 2, Kindle Keyboard and Kindle DX to update the firmware and if they fail to do so, Amazon will cut off all internet access until you manually update the e-reader yourself. Why is Amazon doing this? There are a few conflicting rumors. 1 - this update basically changes the way the e-reader communicates with the Amazon server. 2 - Amazon is going to imposing data limits on older e-readers. 3 - Amazon is in the process of changing the HTTPS certificates on theirs servers in the near future, and they need to update the certificate authority file  that the Kindle software uses to make sure it can trust Amazon’s servers. If you don’t update your device, it won’t be able to communicate with Amazon servers (after Amazon changes their server certificates) since it won’t be able to established a secure connection.

Kindle Keyboard reviews
Bing-Parks | 30.10.12 | #
I liked the 3G Keyboard Kindle, but it seems to have some kind of problems with screens getting frozen sometimes. I had hoped that Amazon's customer service would offer at least a refurbished 3G Keyboard Kindle as an option. I am a big boy, so I will cut my losses and move on. I will skip Amazon hardware for now and just use my iPad.
barryb | 31.10.12 | #
If you have had a massive stroke and find yourself paralyzed on one side; reading a book is comical. The book keeps closing shut on you and you are forced to read with one hand and assistance from the nose. - very bazaar style. The kindle stays open all the time and can be operated with one hand. And the lighted leather case can be operated with one hand. I feel like it's Christmas. A real joy to use and the lighting is natural like a book. My vision is partially paralyzed also (scanning filter portion of the brain; but no problem with the kindle. I love books; I have a fairly large library; but with paralysis, the kindle is a real answer to problems that will be around for a few years. I love it.
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