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Microsoft Reader
Microsoft Reader is designed to make your onscreen reading experience as close as possible to reading a printed book. In addition, it adds active reading capabilities, instant access to content, and a personal library. Features include high-resolution ClearType and an add-on dictionary, as well as the ability to bookmark, highlight, annotate, make notes and drawings, and much more. Version 2.1.1 includes a security update that closes known gaps in the Microsoft Reader security architecture.
Microsoft Reader alternatives are:
Adobe Reader
Microsoft Reader reviews
saintckk | 25.04.10 | #
I downloaded it because I need to read some Lit formatted book, Nothing great! have to activate and sign-up the Live! too troublesome, forget above it!
morningafterdark | 25.10.10 | #
does what it says..a very simple product to hassle. good for .lit forms. but even if you activate it after working your ass off,won't open some books. so if u are looking for the best option,this is not it!
bartkoslow | 25.09.13 | #
Microsoft reader will do an average job of reading ebooks.Not comparable to the ebook readers from either Amazon of Barnes and Noble. If you are not particular about your ebook reader you certainly can use this one, but I do not recommend it as there are better ones.
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