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NOOK Press lets you write, edit, and format your manuscript in one place, ensuring a professional looking eBook every time. Collaborate easily with friends and editors, and get their feedback directly through NOOK Press. Get instant access to millions of readers and increased visibility through multiple merchandising opportunities. With no delivery fees or production costs, NOOK Press is free to use from start to finish.
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Kindle Direct Publishing, Kobo Writing Life
Here are the latest news about Nook Press:

2016 Barnes & Noble launched Nook Press Print self-publishing platform

Barnes & Noble announced today the launch of a new self-publishing print platform called Nook Press, which will allow authors to turn their ebooks into print versions that can be sold in B&N stores and online at The program is self-service and allows authors to create both hardcover and paperback versions. Through the program, authors who have sold 1,000 copies of a single ebook in the past year will be able to sell their print books on the local, regional or national level through B&N.

2014 Nook Press adds Print on demand service

Barnes & Noble announced that they are now going up against CreateSpace, Lightning Source, Blurb, and other competitors in the POD (Print on demand) market with the new Nook Press print service. It provides a complete do-it-yourself experience for creating a hardcover or paperback book. The new service offers black and white or color printing, high-quality paper choices, multiple trim sizes and cover treatments. With print costs starting at $4 per copy for a 5x8 paperback, Nook Press POD can handle both color and B&W; hardback and paperback. Unfortunately, there is no distribution option yet, given that Lightning Source and Createspace both offer distribution to bookstores.

2014 Nook Press self-publishing platform is now available in Europe

Barnes and Noble, the bookseller behind the Nook e-reader devices and e-reader store, has announced that the Nook Press self-publishing platform (previously restricted to the US) is now available to authors and publishers in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium. As part of the move, Nook Press now supports multiple languages including French, Italian, German, Spanish and Dutch – authors will also be paid in their local currency, the company confirmed. So, despite declining revenues Nook executives don't stop trying to build the business.

2013 Nook rebrands and refreshed its self-publishing platform

Barnes & Noble has rebranded its self-publishing platform PubIt!, as Nook Press, and introduced some new features intended to make self-publishing faster and easier. The company aims to compete with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing and other self-publishing tools. The primary new feature is a tool that allows authors to write, format and edit, and preview ebooks directly in a web-based platform. Besides there is a new “quick start” option that lets authors test the product without entering all their vendor information at the start. And authors can safely and quickly invite their network of friends and editors to read and comment on any NOOK Press project in a secure environment. The pricing haven’t changed: Ebooks can be priced between $0.99 and $199.99 and royalty is up to 65% (Kindle gives 70%). The platform is only available to authors in the U.S.

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