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VitalSource Bookshelf alternatives

VitalSource Bookshelf
​VitalSource Bookshelf is the preferred and most used e-textbook delivery platform in the world of higher education. It lets you access your books from the the desktop application, mobile app (iPhone) or online. You can add highlights and notes to your content and search through them as well as the content of your eBooks.

VitalSource Bookshelf alternatives are: Alfa Ebooks Manager, Calibre

VitalSource Bookshelf reviews
SimaraX | 29.10.12 | #
We use it for most of our textbooks at Full Sail University. It's the most advanced eBook software in the world.
Chem Student | 16.01.14 | #
Don't use this program. Its slow and useless. Buy the hard copy. Poor program
Michael | 23.07.16 | #
This program is horrid. Installation instructions on site recommend a restart to get the audio working correctly, installer makes no mention of this. Starting a reading crashed every open java program. Pausing made the reading stop entirely, and I have been unable to get it working again. I don't know who wrote this program, but perhaps their position within the company should be reevaluated.
Zac | 05.03.17 | #
My only issue is that I can't scroll with the keypad. When doing so it is very erratic. This is a big enough issue that I am now looking for an alternative
Online study student | 08.04.17 | #
I have to use the vitalsource bookshelf but hate the program.. multiple restarts needed in windows 10 because it continually fails to scroll... horrid program!!
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