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Reading has never been more convenient. With a Bookmate subscription you can read thousands of books using a simple application for mobile or tablet, or on your computer. Read, build your own library, see what your friends are reading, explore everything which Bookmate has to offer!
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2014 Ebook subscription service Bookmate launches iPhone, Android apps

Bookmate, the subscription-based social e-reading service, launches new reading app for iOS and Android. It provides a social feed which will allow users to follow their friends, favourite authors and celebrities on Bookmate, while also sharing their favourite books and passages. Users can also use the app to share books via Facebook, Twitter and Russian social network VKontakte. Book discovery is further enhanced through recommendations based on bestselling titles and popular books among the Bookmate community. The new interface provides users with a convenient and enjoyable reading experience across mobile, web and tablet. By storing progress, Bookmate allows the reader to continue reading from the same place when transferring from one device to another. Books can be stored on devices for offline reading and users can also adjust the typeface, font size, background, text colours and contrast (including night mode) while reading.

2014 Bookmate - e-book subscription platform for emerging countries

Moscow-based startup Dream Industries has raised $3 million to develop its subscription-based social reading service Bookmate. They plan to take the startup international out of Moscow, starting with Turkey, Scandinavia and Latin America. Bookmate is a subscription “social reading” service covering mobile, tablet and web. It claims to have 1.5 million active monthly users. Unlike Amazon, Google Books or iBooks, Bookmate is an open platform that connects publishers and readers directly. So publishers get access to user behavior analytics and have promotion tools for direct marketing. It means they “own” their relationship with their readers – very much unlike the big players we all know. This is a very interesting move, especially as emerging markets are largely untapped by the biggest players as they really on a lot of infrastructure that doesn’t exist in emerging markets.

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Tosin | 11.01.17 | #
Enjoyed Bookmate for the month I used it free. Unfortunately I cannot renew as we can no longer make international purchases with Nigerian cards. Hopefully that will be resolved soon and I can subscribe again.
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