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Delicious Library
Catalog your books, movies, music, software, toys, tools, electronics, & video games. Import all your stuff onto your digital shelves using your Mac’s iSight webcam, our wireless barcode scanner, or your keyboard.
Delicious Library alternatives are:
Calibre, Book Collector
Delicious Library reviews
ahdavidson | 23.10.13 | #
I used verrsion 2 and was happy to upgrade and get the latest and greatest.

As with v2, I find the functionality of DL3 wonderful. It does everything I need, efficiently and thoroughly. But I don't get real joy from it any more, other than the not inconsiderable joy of an app just working well.

I find the overall UI philosophy to be overly gimmicky, cutesy, and precious. I would much rather have a standard looking and behaving Mac app than all the non-standard UI tricks. They are confusing and add absolutely nothing to the user experience.

Designwise, let's just say that skeumorphism is dead, and all of the choices of wood grains are ridiculous. Who could possibly care which kind of tree the faux bookshelves are supposed to look like? What if I want a sleek modern look, or even a basic IKEA look, or even NO look at all?

Still, those compaints aside, I love being able to just hold a new book up to my computer's camera and have it entered in my library.
Larry | 12.10.16 | #
Just downloaded & installed the software, It has serious issues.
1. Start screen is loaded with sample stuff and will not allow deleting other than starting over.
2. None of the options for adding existing ebooks is obvious or simple.
3. Keep looking
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