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Forgotten Books is the world's largest online library with 484,473 books available on demand. This website has been designed using the very latest technologies to provide our members with many features never seen before. More than just books; Forgotten Books also features advanced analytical data. Every single word, page and image inside each and every one of our 484,473 books have been analyzed, indexed and classified.
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Scribd, Google Books
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2014 Forgotten Books launches ebook subscription service

Forgotten Books is one of the world’s largest online ebook libraries. From now its subscribers will be able to download as many ebooks as they can read for $8.99 per month. They are set to broaden access even further, with the launch of mobile apps on iOS and Android coming up soon. The online library has been used by people as diverse as professional academics and amateur genealogists. People with author ancestors have found their forebear’s work and shared it with their family, such as twitter user @hummingbirdbook who found her great grandfather’s autobiography. Forgotten Books is committed to keeping these writings available whether they are commercially viable or not.

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Angela Dimitrov | 29.06.15 | #
Love it! So many rare titles.
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