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Unique and innovative library management, inventory and database solutions for collectors, booksellers, schools, churches, libraries, and other organizations all over the world. Lets you feed in a list of ISBNs, UPCs or barcode scans. Readerware then does the rest, automatically searching the web and cataloging your books, music and videos. Readerware can merge information from multiple web sites to build the most complete database possible, with cover art. Automatically and effortlessly.
Readerware reviews
cem | 21.05.13 | #
Wonderful Does everything I want or need and does it very well. 1000% better than what I was using.
John | 30.10.13 | #
Works as promised I have over a 1000+ book’s currently in my library, using this app along with “Readerware 3”; it works flawlessly. I no longer have to print out the entire contents of my library when shopping for additions. In the future all I’ll have to do is export my current up to date file to my device. Love the product, works 100% as advertised.
Sitkh | 03.11.13 | #
Disappointed Useless to me. It won't scan my older (10 digit) books. And I have over 1000 first prints.
Paul | 11.04.14 | #
Has the basics to be used in a small lending library. As with most software you have to comprise to get it to fit with your way of working. It is stock lead so you cannot easily list activity from a borrower enquiry. One advantage is that you can change the underlying database application to SQLExpress or Access which enables development of reporting in conjunction with other databases. Its main weakness is that loan records are deleted when an item is returned so library management would find it difficult to use performance indicators to manage their stock.
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