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Txtr Beagle
Txtr Beagle Has Been Discontinued! If you just want to read text and you can live without a touchscreen, 3G, a backlight and Wi-Fi — and you don’t mind inserting three AAA batteries once a year — this 5-inch, 4.5-oz E Ink device with its 800×600 screen might be the e-reader for you. The Txtr Beagle’s 4GB of storage will give you room for a boatload of books, and its 5mm thickness is almost razor-thin enough to give you a paper cut.
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Kindle, Nook
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2012 Txtr Beagle - e-Reader for $13

If you thought that the non-profit Kindle Paperwhite is a great deal at $119, take a look at the Txtr Beagle e-reader, that sells for just $13. Of course, it doesn't have touchscreen, 3G, Wi-Fi, backlight and it's powered by two AAA batteries. But it provides everything necessary for reading: 5-inch, 4.5-oz E Ink screen and 4GB of storage. Besides, it's very thick (5mm) and handy. But how can it cost as much as single ebook on Amazon's store? Here is the trick. You can add books to Txtr Beagle only via bluetooth from Txtr app on Android or iPhone. And you can add books to the app only via buying them from the Txtr book store.

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